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Flight Attendant Career Guide
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Most Important
Also included: A listing of over 70 U.S. and Canadian airlines and the hiring requirements of each.

These updated listings include:
  • Minimum age
  • Languages needed
  • Salary rates
  • Domiciles
  • Complete addresses and instructions for applying
Chapter Topics
  • History of Flight Attendants
  • Minimum Requirements for the Job
  • Let's Get Physical
  • Attitude, Attitude, Attitude
  • Flight Scheduling
  • Your Future in the Skies
  • Common Airport/City Codes
  • Congratulations, You're Hired
  • The Application Process
  • Flight Attendant Unions
  • Education is the Key
  • Work Experience That Counts
  • Career Benefits
  • A Typical Three Day Trip
  • Vocabulary
  • How to Shine in the Interview
  • Types of Airlines
  • Working for a foreign airline
  • The Airline Listings
"The flight attendant career guide gathers in formation not found,in a single location elsewhere."
--Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"In his guide, Kirkwood reveals many of the inside secrets of his profession"
--The Washington Post

"This book is truly a 'Bible' of the field... By far the best book on flight attendants I've ever seen."
----Career Opportunities News

"I just wanted to write you a small thank you note about 13 years overdue! I ordered your packet on getting hired as a flight attendant back in 2001. It was incredibly useful and I think played a huge part in me getting hired at USAirways and Southwest! "
----Kacie J.


    Everyone seems to know someone who has always wanted to be a flight attendant. Once only a job for young, single and slender women, this highly desired career is now available to men, minorities, and middle-aged persons as well. There are over 70 airlines currently hiring flight attendant applicants to work for them in their bases across the country.

    Author Tim Kirkwoods' Flight Attendant Career Guide, is not your typical book about "stewardess antics" or "fly-girl follies". Instead, it is a honest and factual account of the airline flight attendant career, and covers the steps necessary for an applicant to achieve this much sought-after position.

    The current 4th Edition- in e-book format, now contains expanded chapters on interviewing and training. Also covered is the increasingly popular Corporate or Executive Jet flight attendant opportunities.  Plus more than twice as many airlines are now listed, with all their hiring requirements and application addresses. 

     Flight Attendant Career Guide is designed to be a step-by-step resource to acquiring and succeeding in the job as an airline Flight Attendant for a US or Canadian carrier. It is written to assist new applicants, as well as current Flight Attendants looking to change airlines.

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